Landini Powerfarm

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The Powerfarm Cab and Platform tractor range features a clean and modern design. The new, environment-friendly Perkins 1104D seres engines fitted on the Powerfarm Cab models offer high torque backup and improved fuel efficiency.
They meet the Tier 3 emission standard and deliver 74, 83, 92.5 and 102 HP (ISO rating).
These engines feature an advanced fuel injection system that optimises air-fuel mixture, thereby improving combustion and engine efficiency.
The modular transmission provides, as standard, three ranges and four speeds in each range, resulting in a total of 12 forward and 12 reverse speeds with mechanical synchro shuttle.
The standard gearbox can be combined with either an underdrive (only for 2WD versions) or a creep option to provide 24 forward and 12 reverse gears with a maximum speed of 30 km/h.
The height adjustable sprung seat and the hood with its rounded and plunging design provide excellent visibility when manoeuvring.
The tractor range comprises four models equipped with different engines and offers a choice of three transmissions and two cab styles for enhanced versatility, maximum comfort and increased productivity.

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